General Terms and Conditions


We organise the locating and allocating of accommodation. We also act as intermediaries between applicants and flat owners, families offering accommodation and university halls of residence.

  • The accommodation service charges an administrative fee of €90, plus a deposit of €300, a total of €390.
  • You should apply for accommodation at least a month in advance of your arrival, attaching a copy of the bank transfer receipt for the amount indicated in the Accommodation Request Form.
  • Our Accommodation Service is for students and staff of the University of Alicante only, and not for external guests. The duration of the staying in our accommodation can’t be any longer than the duration of the course or activity related to the University of Alicante (you can apply for an accommodation with a maximum of 3 days of difference from the duration of the course or activity).
  • We will send you confirmation of your reservation approximately 15 days before the start of the period envisaged, indicating the address of the accommodation which has been allocated to you, the name of the landlord, owner or family, and their telephone number.
  • Five days prior to moving in, you should inform the landlord, owner, family or halls of residence of the exact day and time you will be arriving.
  • You must pay the total cost of your stay, regardless of any nights you have spent away from your allocated accommodation due to trips or for other reasons.
  • Accommodation rent (flat or family accommodation) for the first month must be paid on arrival. Rent for subsequent months must be paid within the first five days of the month.
  • Your deposit will be returned to you at the end of your stay, except where it is necessary to use the deposit in order to cover the cost of: 
    • Non-compliance with the General Conditions for accommodation.
    • Vacating the accommodation before the date indicated on the accommodation form.
    • Damage to the accommodation due to inappropriate use or non-payment of costs agreed with the owner/landlord.
  • Students who have requested a certificate of accommodation for visa applications and don’t present the Embassy/Consulate documentation certifying rejection will not be refunded. Those students must apply for a minimum of 3 months of accommodation.
  • When you apply for your accommodation, make sure you ask for the specific norms of the type of accommodation you applied for.
  • All our accommodations are subject to availability.


  • Reservation cancelations must be communicated to the Language Centre in writing at least one month prior to the envisaged date of moving in. The deposit will be refunded, minus postal/bank charges. Administrative fees are never refunded.
  • Students who have requested a certificate of accommodation for visa applications are only entitled to a refund of the deposit (never the administrative fees) if they present the Embassy/Consulate documentation certifying rejection.
  • If the cancelation is made within a month of the envisaged date of moving in, no refund will be made.
  • If students do not apply for a refund of their deposit within three months of vacating their accommodation, they will be considered to have surrendered their entitlement to said deposit.