Visa procedures for students.

The procedures will depend on the country of nationality.

  1. If I am a citizen of the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland

    I do not have to do anything before arriving. The NIE (Foreigner Identity Number) can be requested at the Police Station by appointment if it’s necessary (for example to open a bank account, sign a contract, etc.). More info here.

  2. If I am not an EU citizen but I usually reside in an EU country

    I do not have to apply for a visa before arriving, but during the first month I must inform the Spanish Authorities that I will be studying here. More info here.

  3. If I am not an EU citizen and I come from my country of origin

    I have to apply for a study visa at the Spanish consulate from my home country before coming. Depending on the visa I get, I will have to carry out some procedures or not.
    There is no need to do additional paperwork if I have a 180 day-visa and it is the period that I will be in Spain, my NIE (Foreigner Identity Number) is printed on the visa.
    If I have a 90-day visa and I will be spending more time. I must apply for visa extension during the first month at your arrival. In this case I will get a Foreign Student Card from the Police in Spain. More info here.