Visiting students



Learn Spanish easily while you are studying your degree in Alicante.


Visiting students must follow the Visiting Students Regulations approved by the Governing Board of the University of Alicante on 27th May 2010.

Scope of application

  •  National or foreign university students.
  •  The following levels of studies may be taken:
    • Undergraduate degree or equivalent
    • Postgraduate degree (the student already holds an Undergraduate degree or equivalent)
  • Type of enrolment: extraordinary
  • Undergraduate degree or equivalent studies may not be combined with a postgraduate degree.
  • The extraordinary enrolment may not be combined with the ordinary enrolment.
  • Duration: maximum of one academic year.
  • Number of credits:
    • A maximum of 30 credits per semester. Minimum enrolment of 3 subjects.
    • A maximum of 60 credits per academic year. Minimum enrolment of 7 subjects.

Assessment and certifications

Visiting students will receive an academic certification with the number of credits that they have taken and the corresponding grades.

Rights and obligations

 Visiting students:

  • They will not be able to participate in the representative and governing bodies of University of Alicante.
  • They will not be able to apply for scholarships and official aids for the subjects taken in this modality.
  • Once the registration fee has been paid, there is no refund of fees.

Academic requirements

The condition of undergraduate or postgraduate student must be demonstrated providing one of the following documents.

Health insurance

Visiting students must have a health and an accident insurance during their stay at the University of Alicante.

It is the responsibility of the student to:

  • Select subjects corresponding to the period of stay at the University of Alicante.
  • Enrol in the University of Alicante within the period established for this purpose.
  • If a letter of invitation is needed: we inform you that if you do not register at the University of Alicante, we may inform the corresponding embassy of your withdrawal from the course.

Fulfilment and modification periods

    • From 19th April, 2021 to 19th July, 2021 for 1st semester or annual students who have not been regular students at the University of Alicante.
    • from 18th October, 2021 to 29th January, 2022 for 2nd semester students.
  • ENROLMENT period: 
    • 1st semester: from 8th to 28th Septiembre, 2021
    • 2nd semester: from 24th January to 17th February, 2022
  • Classes: 
    • From 13rd September, 2021 to 23rd December, 2021 (Exam period: 11/01/2022 - 28/01/2022).
    • From 31st January to 24th May, 2022 (Exam period: 27/05/2022 – 17/06/2022). Recoveries: 27/06/2022 – 14/07/2022
  • Non-teaching Classes: 
    • 24th December, 2021 to 6th January, 2022
    • From 14th to 25th April, 2022
  • Enrolment in the selected subjects takes place after the student's arrival at the UA.
  • Students may not enrol in courses that are not offered to them.


How can you check the subjects you can enrol into?

You can check the subjects in which you will have to enrol at the university: subjects in Spanish and subjects in English from which you will have to choose a maximum of 30 credits per semester and a minimum of 3 subjects.
More information here.

Tuition fees


  • Undergraduate Degree:
    • European Union students: €40,00 per enrolled credit
    • Third countries students:  €80,00 per enrolled credit
  • Postgraduate Degree:
    • European Union students:  €92,40 per enrolled credit                   
    • Third countries students: 184,80 per enrolled credit 
  • Other fees:
    • File opening: €27,34
    • Student card (TIU): : €5,87
    • Certificate/Transcript Payment: €27,34
    • Accident Insurance: €4,20

Tuition payment

Once the enrolment and its validation have been completed, the Centro Superior de Idiomas office will send the student an e-mail with the receipt that has to be paid. The payment must be made in cash, in the established account and period.

1st Semester Students 2nd Semester Students
Single payment
from 1st to 15th October, 2021
Single payment
from 18th February to 3rd March, 2022